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Dear Carolyn,           

Please accept this note, with my thanks, as a recommendation of your services as an event and wedding coordinator to anyone who might be considering a contract.

Your professionalism and execution were flawless. With the very unique logistics my son’s wedding required I could not have found anyone more capable of meeting the challenges. Pouring down rain; a catering van stuck in the mud; little or no direction regarding the parking and shuttles; an inept DJ who couldn’t locate the wedding music – but nothing was too much for you and your team to handle.

When I said I didn’t want to know about any disasters unless my house was burning down I thought I was exaggerating…yet, somehow, you managed to anticipate and address each disaster without my knowledge or help – a true accomplishment – one for which I am truly grateful as it allowed me to thoroughly enjoy and savor a very special moment in my son’s life.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Please feel free to share this note, as well as my name and phone number, with anyone who might be seeking a reference for your services.

Thank you Carolyn, Hannah and Mark for a perfect wedding celebration!

V. Livingston